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Our history

Elliott Diamond Inc. was founded in 1972 by William F. Elliott Sr.. At the time Bill was 56 years old and had over 30 years experience in Diamond Tool Research, Development, and Manufacturing for American Coldset in New Jersey and Sprague and Henwood in Pennsylvania. Preparing for eventual retirement and seeking a warmer climate, Bill moved to Florida and started his own diamond tool manufacturing plant, Elliott Diamond Inc..

Elliott Diamond started as a family business, with Bill’s wife, Frances, his sons, Richard, William and Mark, and his daughter Mary Lou. Bill’s oldest daughter, Roberta was studying to become a nun in the Medical Mission Sisters, she received her PHD in Social Psychology and performed medical missionary work in Kenya for 10 years, later becoming Mother Superior of the Medical Mission Order. She is still the “Spiritual CEO” at Elliott Diamond.

Through the late 70’s and early 80’s Elliott Diamond grew rapidly as a major supplier of the highest quality diamond tools for use in the construction of nuclear power plants around the world. In those extremely challenging conditions Bill’s experience and instincts in cutting hard materials placed his product at the forefront of technology. In head to head tests by major corporations involved in Power Plant construction, Bill’s products consistently beat the best efforts of other much larger companies.

In 1985 at the age of 69, Bill reluctantly accepted retirement and day to day operations of the business passed on to his son Mark. Mark’s sister Mary Lou manages the sales and marketing.

Bill often said that the greatest thrill of owning his business was watching the many families that the company helped to grow. Anyone who worked for Bill became a family member, and his deep feelings about employees, and their families, are still remembered today, many years after his death.

Today the company continues operations at its location in Largo, Florida. We still strive to adhere to Bill’s standards of product excellence, service to our customers, our employees and our community.